Collar Sizes

Measuring for Collar Sizes

How Collars are sized and described varies from supplier to supplier. Some will provide a range of measurements e.g. 35cm-45cm, a single measurement e.g 35cm and some will provide a size e.g XS/S/M/L/XL. Selecting the correct Collar Size is important so for each of the Collars we sell, we will provide the suppliers size and will also supply the Country Mutt size. The Country Mutt Size is our way of providing a standardised sizing structure that ensures you will always get the right sized Collar for your Pooch regardless of the supplier or breed from Chihuahua to a Great Dane

If your current Collar is a perfect fit for your dog you can use this as a guide for sizing. If your shopping for your first Collar or your current Collar is a bad fit, then you need to measure your dogs neck size. Easiest way to do this is with a normal fabric tape measure, pulling the tape measure tight with 3 fingers placed inside the loop. This should give you an accurate measurement for your dogs Collar. If you have a Collar that’s a perfect fit, then measure from the middle of the buckle to the hole that the Collar normally sit’s at.

The Country Mutt size for your dogs Collar measures from the First hole on your Collar to the Last hole. We also give the number of holes on each Collar and the distance between each hole. We recommend you get a Collar that measures as close to the middle hole. This will give adjustability on both sides.

Size = Length from one end to the other
L1 = Middle of buckle to first hole
L2 = Gap between each hole
L3 = Middle of buckle to last hole
H = Number of holes

Example: Dogue Pony Hair 55cm Lead. Size = 55; L1 = 41.5 L2 = 2.5 L3 = 51.5; H = 5

The importance of having the correct Collar size shouldn’t be underestimated. A Collar that is too tight will be uncomfortable and restricting for your dog and a Collar that is too large will run the risk of slipping over your dogs head potentially putting your dog at risk.

If your buying for a Puppy, please remember that your baby Pooch is going to grow very quickly. You might want to buy a Collar at the lower end of the size and remember to check for tightness regularly and adjust accordingly as your Puppy grows.