Twool Whiteface Wool Leads….

Twool Leads

Here at Country Mutt we sell Collars and Leads for Dogs….. So why are we posting about Sheep? And specifically a rare breed from Dartmoor? Well…. one of our ranges of leads are made from the wool of the Dartmoor Whitefaced sheep. The Dartmoor Whiteface is an ancient breed that has lived on the harsh environment of the moors for many years. Whilst the breed was at risk, numbers have grown and they are now quite safe.

Twool have taken the wool from the Whiteface and made some really lovely leads from it. These leads, both with a trigger or as a slip lead, are soft, strong, durable and have a natural spring to them which makes for comfortable leads for both you and your Dog. The leads come in a number of colours including Gryffindor but our favourite is the Natural white of the Whiteface. See all of our Twool range here