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Grooming Collection1


New to our Country Mutt Spa range of shampoos, conditioners, balms and grooming accessories is the luxury bath time collection from Mutts & Hounds. Mutts & Hounds offer a wide range of products, each inspired by the beautiful Cotswold countryside surrounding the company’s rural studio and workshop in Wiltshire. The grooming collection consists of a range of classic grooming products for your dog. Natural Dog Shampoos & Sprays are complemented by beautifully designed and practical grooming brushes and luxury handmade wash bags.


Shampoos and Grooming Sprays


A range of luxurious Shampoos and Grooming Sprays containing essential oils and natural ingredients. Containing camomile, ylang ylang and peppermint, these shampoos and sprays will cleanse your dog’s coat whilst leaving them soft and fragrant. 

Grooming Shampoo Rose Camomile
Grooming Spray Rose Camomile
Grooming Shampoo YlangYlang Peppermint
Grooming Spray YlangYlang Peppermint1


Grooming Brushes


A range of grooming brushes made from Beechwood to keep you dog’s coat in perfect condition. Double sided brushes, a slicker brush and a palm held brush with strap to control the pressure during grooming…


Brush Dual Slicker3
Brush Palm1
Brush Dual Sided3


Wash Bags


Beautifully designed wash bags for holding all your shampoos, conditioners, balms and brushes. In either the Posie, Old Rose or Powder Blue designs, these wash bags have a waterproof lining and a zip closure. Made from bespoke Mutts & Hounds fabric, the Old Rose and Powder Blue wash bag’s are Mutts & Hounds  signature dog print design, printed single colour in a beautiful and subtle antiqued pink shade.All bespoke fabrics are screen printed in Britain using traditional techniques and exclusively designed by and printed for Mutts & Hounds.

For either your favourite Mutt, Hound or Human,,,,,,

Washbag Posie1
Washbag Dog Print Powder Blue1
Washbag Dog Print Old Rose2

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